My Life

I am married to my lovely wife, Rebecca and have two wonderful children Isabelle 2years old, and Noah, almost 1 . I am a native resident of New York, residing upstate in a small suburban village. I have a variety of passions in my life including Art, Running and Technology.  Art has always been a passion of mine ever since I was old ennough to hold a pencil, as is why I teach Art  at the secondary level grades 6-8th. I am predominantly interested in clean forms and shapes reminicent of the Pop Art movent: Warhol, Lichtenstein. I also am a big fan of Van Gogh with his use of bold movements. Running is another love of mine ever since running  Cross-Country and Track & Field for CHS  high school in th 1990’s. Steve Prefontaine and Roger Bannister continue to inspire me through their achievments and motivate me to train harder every day. In the electronic era,  nearly every aspect of my life has become immersed in technology. I am definitely a google fan utilizing all they have to offer, especially due to the fact that it is all free software. My latest gadget the Motorola Droid has really been a game changer for me. Now I see a phone as a UMPC eventually to replace the standard pc.  Every day I discover new technology that makes my life easier and more enjoyable, and to me that is the beauty and benefit of technology. From great sites like Animoto ( slideshows) and Pixorial (video editing) media editing has broken the confines of having to be installed on a local desktop. This idea of cloud computing is my latest venture as I have grown tired of sitting at the desk to complete a task. So this is my life my quest feel free to follow and see where I can take you.


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